What Does It Feel Like To Boost Your Testosterone?
When you boost your testosterone level, and I am NOT talking about by means of testosterone replacement therapy, the processes going on are that your body is encouraged to make more of your own testosterone. This extra production of hormones in your body creates a rush of activity and a zest for life that you divorce your backside from the sofa and you get out into life and live. http://www.cryptocurrencytradingcn.com When you are out and about with a renewed "fidget factor" going on, every hour of your day is spent at a higher metabolism than it was on the couch with a beer in your hand. You get into more activity and you are more social and involved and the opposite of depression occurs - the feel very happy and excited in life. And don't be confused that this is some euphoria from the supplement - nothing could be further from the truth. You really are simply enjoying the natural rush that is life. If you were a depressed person, now you are not. If you were overweight, you find the pounds falling off of you. If you were lazy in bed, your partner is now enjoying your new levels of energy and stamina. All this simply because your body is once again producing its own testosterone at levels it did when you were a younger and fitter man. Not that I am selling steak knives here, but there's more. Because of your increased levels of energy and fitness, your body's demand for testosterone is also increasing and this causes the hypothalamus in your brain to direct your pituitary gland to cause your testes to produce a higher level of hormone. Before the supplements you were in a downward spiral of diminishing returns, and now like a new flower opening up to the morning sunshine, you are on an increasing spiral exponential returns. If you are obese or generally too fat, have diabetes, depression, sleep problems and are generally de-motivated - you are dying much more quickly than you need to. Get down to your doctor, get your blood tested for your testosterone levels and almost certainly they will be found to be too low.

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