Top Places to Visit in San Jose Costa Rica
San Jose Costa Rica (the Rich Coast) is the capitol city of this wonderful country. In San Jose, you can see the rain forests, enjoy mountain vistas or see just a few of the many fantastic things to do in this marvelous city. · Museo Nacional de Costa Rica · Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture · Museum of Contemporary Art and Design · Celeste River · Pre - Columbian Gold Museum 1. The Museo Nacional de Costa Rica (The National Museum) is located in an old fort with bullets still lodged in its walls from the 1948 civil war. It was turned into a museum in 1950 and displays some of the magnificent art and artifacts of this rich culture. Artifacts are displayed from ancient times as well as contemporary artwork. One of the highlights is the Colonial House depicting life in earlier times. 2. The Costa Rican Center of Science and Culture is a terrific museum, housed in a fortress like building. From 1910 to 1971, it served as a penitentiary. The museum contains several theme exhibits. One of the highlights is the Museo de los Ninos or children's museum. It is an interactive museum designed to educate and entertain children of all ages. The National Gallery contains fourteen exhibits on two different levels. In the Gallery artwork, drawings, artifacts and scientific items are displayed. There is a lovely concert hall where many concerts of different types are held. 3. The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design is a beautiful museum with four exhibits, displaying both emerging and renowned artists. This museum will delight the whole family and offers a delightful gift shop with memorabilia and perfect gift opportunities. 4. Not far from San Jose is one of the most beautiful and unique rivers in the world, The Celeste River. Because of a phenomenon caused by the mixture of sulphur and calcium carbonate, the water takes on a turquoise coloration. If you enjoy about an hour's walk, you will reach a beautiful waterfall that adds so much to the view. A "must see" place to visit. 5. Located under the Plaza de la Cultura is a most unusual museum, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. It contains over 1600 gold artifacts some dating back to 500 A.D. It contains Costa Rica's first minted coin, dating to 1825. Located in the same building on the ground level is the National Coin Museum, containing coins dating to 1236. In the same building is the Casa de Moneda, containing the history of mining in Costa Rica.  

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