Blogging To Success – How to Get Started With Blogging Online
It's a proven fact that search engines love blogs. The question we should ask ourselves is why do they love blogs? It's pretty simple, search engines love to search and find new quality content. It is their goal to index high quality information as quickly as possible. If you've not been blogging then you've been missing out on an incredible opportunity to bring instant traffic to your website. The key to blogging is to update regularly, as just creating a blog and having no updates or content is useless. You need to update your blog several times per week to really reap the benefits. Setting up your first blog There are many free sites on the internet that will allow you to create your own blog and they will host it for you. I prefer to host my own blog, but I'm going to explain both options you have for blogging. I'll first start by providing the options for Free Blog Hosting. Free Blog Hosting Sites 1) This site is one of the most if not the most popular free blog hosting site. You can instantly create a blog and start writing on various topics. The positives about using are that it is spidered often, and your blog link will be in the path of the spider, enabling your new blog to be spidered quickly. Once your blog is spidered, the search engines will continue to visit your blog for updates. Signup link: 2) This is a newer site, not as popular, but is a very solid choice for blog hosting. Your account is setup instantly. Signup link: [] 3) This site also gives you the ability to create an instant blog site. Signup link: 4) This site also allows free blog hosting. Signup link: You can register with any of the above sites to start your own blog, but as I mentioned earlier I prefer to have my own site host my blog. Another option is to have two blogs. My recommendation would be to create what I like to call a sub-blog, where the blog would be a blog you update from time to time that discusses topics dealing with your main blog. You should have links pointing from your blog to your main blog site. The reason you are doing this is because is spidered often and by default your blog with, which is your sub-blog will also be spidered. Since your sub-blog will have links to your main blog it can also aid in having your main blog site spidered more quickly.

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