3 Great Tips When Picking a Great Breeder
Picking a good Sugar Glider requires finding the right breeder for your needs, and this in turn more than anything else requires knowing your breeder well in advance. Many breeders try to handle their business from a distance, but this is always less than optimal. There are a handful of rules to follow that make getting the best sugar glider from the best breeder feasible on any budget. 1. Visit a local breeder! As gliders grow in popularity, they are growing much easier to find on a local basis. While pet shops do not commonly carry gliders (though they may sell appropriate accessories), local breeders are growing easier to find. Bear in mind that 'local' in this case may involve a day trip, but nonetheless, it is better to visit a breeder in person first. Balinesecatbreeders.com Failing the allocation of the services of a local breeder, the next best thing is getting in contact with a USDA breeder. USDA breeders are registered, regulated, and better qualified than individuals who simply breed sugar gliders. Anyone can call themselves a breeder if they breed sugar gliders, but USDA glider breeders have to adhere to strict standards to qualify for their name. They are held accountable, which can greatly improve your luck if you cannot visit them in person. And, naturally, if you can visit a USDA breeder locally, you're in the best luck of all! 2. Look for signs of a good pets health. This is part of why it's so important to visit a local glider breeder. It isn't always possible to tell the health of a glider or look for warning signs in static pictures, or even videos. Healthy Little Guys will have shiny, healthy fur and sparkling black eyes. Murky eyes on these little critters are a very bad sign that they are not in the best of health. 3. Establish a relationship with the breeder. This applies to local and long-distance breeders both. Having a USDA licensed glider breeder in your address book to call for help can be a great asset in times of need. Sometimes, getting a bit of advice is the best thing for you and your sugar glider both, so having someone you can reliably call for help and advice is important if you can swing it. These are three of the most important things to keep in mind. If at all possible, meet the breeder in person. If at all possible, deal only with a USDA licensed breeder. And, if at all possible, get their contact information for future reference! Getting a healthy critter in the first place is the best first step toward raising a healthy, happy sugar glider in your family later. A little care on the front end of things can go a very long way toward making sure your glider remains a healthy, happy addition to your family life for a very long time! Kelly Patterson is the chief editor of HealthyHappySugarGliders.com [http://www.healthyhappysugargliders.com/] an information-rich site that discusses All things Sugar Glider. From the best ways to find and buy a Glider to learning about what type of cage to purchase.

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