EMR: Will It Help or Hinder Your Medical Practice?
Making changes within your PT clinic may leave you feeling uneasy at first - especially if what you've been doing is working fine. Don't fix it if it isn't broken, right? Web-based practice management software may not be the best option for everyone, but many PT clinics have reaped its benefits. Let's take a look at a few advantages and unexpected costs of EMR software, as well as a few important questions to ask your provider before making the final purchase. Advantages¬† https://www.fedra.com 1. Lowers Cost Initially, EMR software seems expensive. However, it saves more money over time. Because electronic or web-based practice management software not only leaves less room for error, but generally take less time to correct such errors, less time and resources are being wasted in the process. 2. Accessible Because this software is online, it can be utilized anywhere that has Internet access. This means that house calls are not only more productive, but cut down on the time doing reports back at the office. For example, if your office invested in physical therapy note taking software, the notes that you take can automatically be aggregated within the online software, which means you can easily edit for mistakes on the spot, and there is no need to rewrite any patient information. 3. Easy Data Retrieval Using web-based practice management software to store information means data can be aggregated in a way that retrieval is easy. With the proper filters added, physical therapists can get information based on a set of criteria. Also, if local pharmacies are a part of the system, doctors and physicians can prescribe medicine using the software instead of having to go through the pharmacist. Unexpected Costs Licensing: A software license could either be a one-time purchase or one that needs to be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis. Be sure to ask your provider! Virus protection: Because you data will be kept completely online or through a software program, it's necessary to have virus protection and a backup file drive implemented for security reasons. Storage: Most providers allow you to store data for free, up to a certain amount. After that point, many providers will begin charging, depending on how much data you need stored. Audits: To be sure your practice management and physical therapy note-taking software could survive an audit, you'll need to get a screening from a consultant. This is a necessity so be sure to explore the cost before implementing EMR software, EMR software may be the perfect solution to making your clinic more efficient, but before implementing any new changes, be sure to review the complete cost of the endeavor - as well as the potential pros and cons.  

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