Notice for Sleep Apnea Patients Using Philips Respironics CPAP/BiPAP Products
On June 14, 2021, Philips Respironics issued bipap machine for sale  a voluntary don't forget of its CPAP, BiPAP and mechanical ventilator gadgets. The do not forget is due to ability risks associated with the froth used to reduce the sound and vibration of the motor. Those risks encompass but aren't constrained to headaches, nausea, inflammation of the eyes, nostril or skin or ability most cancers brought about from poisonous gases. Philips Respironics has endorsed that you stop using the recalled devices and take a look at along with your treating sleep specialist to make an knowledgeable decision approximately whether or not the advantages of persevered use outweigh the capacity dangers. What must sleep apnea patients do in reaction to this alert? At this time, SSM Health recommends which you attain out in your issuer so together you may make an knowledgeable decision approximately whether the benefits of continued use outweigh the ability dangers recognized within the bear in mind notice. How can I research whether my device has been recalled? Philips Respironics created an online registration procedure to allow patients to appearance up their tool serial variety and start a claim if their unit is suffering from the recollect. You have to check in any affected device via the website, Philips.Com/src-replace, or by using cellphone at 1-877-907-7508. Where do I locate my device’s serial wide variety? The serial number is on the lowest of your tool. See the picture. Turn your system over The serial range is positioned on the left of the gadget and will begin with a J, P, or C Please do now not use the quantity at the right side that begins with H – that is for the humidifier Where to locate the serial quantity in your CPAP tool When can I replace my recalled tool? Philips Respironics plans to address the remediation of the recalled products. The company shows that it's going to replace the current insulation foam with new material as speedy as possible and has already all started arrangements. We do not but understand the timeframe for device substitute. They are nevertheless running via the improvement and timing of that program and plan to send a letter to the owners of the recalled gadgets at an undetermined destiny date. In addition, the corporation is recommending that clients and patients halt use of ozone-associated cleansing merchandise and cling to their device instructions for accepted cleansing methods. How do I replace my recalled device? If you have received your replacement PAP device from Respironics you may locate this video's instructions useful. If you have any troubles or questions with getting your new device set up, you may call Respironics at 833-262-1871. How can I get more records? We propose that you take a look at at the bear in mind’s latest tendencies by means of periodically visiting the don't forget website, Philips.Com/src-update.

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