Explore Luxurious Royal Palaces On Holiday Deals
Few can resist the lure of visiting another country's Royal Place when on holiday deals, to see how the other half live. These magnificent buildings are a storehouse of the country's culture and more often than not, contain valuable art artefacts and collections on view to the general public. A lot of history has happened in these very houses. As major tourist attractions, they have every facility to make sure that you visit again to see the Luxurious furnishings and beautifully maintained grounds. These ornate, opulent buildings are a living testament to the power of the ruling house in the country.  www.flowerdeliverybrooklyn.com Many search out cheap holiday deals to visit the fantastic Palacio Real de Madrid (The Royal Palace of Madrid). King Carlos does not live in this marvellous edifice, preferring the more modest Palacio de la Zarzuela on the outskirts. The building is impressive with 870 windows, 44 sets of stairs, 110 doors and an amazing 240 balconies. Strange to think that this Palace was built on the site of a 9th.Century fortress, Muslim Alcazar and completely rebuilt by Carlos l in the 16th century. The interior of the Palace is renowned for its art, with paintings by Goya, Cervaggio and Tiepolo. There is also a stunning collection of artistic artefacts such as watches, silverware, porcelain and furniture. In the Royal Armoury is a weapon collection, with arms from the 13th century. Also housed there, is the world's only surviving Stradivarious string quintet. The entrance fee for this Royal Palace is 8 euros with free admission to members of EU countries on Wednesdays. The Princes Palace of Monaco has had quite a chequered history. Built in 1191, it started life as a Genoese fortress. The State Apartments were laid out in the 16th century and are still impressive today. The Blue Room, named after the blue brocade that furnishes the room, contains a collection of portraits of the Grimaldi family, the royal family of Monaco. The room is lit by chandeliers of Murano glass. The ceiling of the Throne Room has frescoes by Orazio de Ferrari, depicting the Surrender of Alexander, whilst the floor is Carrarra marble. The Marzarin Room is the most opulent though, clad as it is with Italian carved wooden panelling. The Palace was completely renovated in 1949 after a period of severe neglect during the war. Prince Rainier had all the marble floors relaid and decorated with the double monogram R signifying the Rainier family. During the summer, the State rooms are open to the public and the courtyard hosts concerts by the Monaco Symphony Orchestra. Albert ll lives in the Royal Castle of Laeken, on the outskirts of Brussels whilst the Royal Palace is used for state occasions and for welcoming foreign dignitaries. The Palace stands on what was the site of a palatial dwelling that dates back to the Middle Ages. The Palace has been renovated quite a few times during its long history with the modern facade only being constructed after 1900. The building is situated opposite the Parliament Building, on the other side of the Royal Park. Since 1965, it has been tradition that the public could have access in the summer months to view the State rooms. The Goya Rom contains 2 amazing tapestries called 'The Mind' and 'Blind Man's Bluff' after a painting by Goya. The Mirror Room has received world-wide adulation. In 2002, an artist, Jan Fabre, pinned the carapaces of 1.4 million jewel beetles to the ceiling. The carapaces reflect the available light and the effect is a breath-taking sight, which is definitely worth discovering when on holiday deals.

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