Metallic Details For Bridesmaids
Looking for a way to instantly add a richness to your bridesmaids' wedding ensembles? Try spicing them up with gorgeous metallic accents. From shoes to jewelry sets to bouquets, these are some of the most fabulous metallic details for bridesmaids. Metallics are always hot. When you are looking into ways in which to incorporate that luxe metallic shimmer into your bridesmaids' ensembles, you will have some fantastic options from which to choose. The first step is to decide on which metallic color you would like to use (it is best to limit it one one metallic plus your other wedding colors). Silver and gold may be the first colors which come to mind, but don't overlook the deeper metallics such as copper, bronze, and pewter. The more muted shine of those deeper shades can be ultra-sophisticated, and will also be very versatile. For a very formal wedding, metallic accessories will add the luxury and elegance that your bridesmaid dresses need. Note that we are talking about accessories, not an entire bridesmaid dress made of a metallic fabric. While an individual guest may be able to pull off a shimmering gown of gold, on an entire bevy of bridesmaids, it would be overwhelming to the point of pulling focus away from the bride, which is never good! It is better to pair a bridesmaid dress in a non-shiny fabric with metallic accents; much more chic and understated. Jewelry is going to be the main accessory which your bridesmaids will wear. Of course, you can select sets of bridesmaid jewelry which are handcrafted from gleaming gold or shiny silver, but that is only the beginning. One of the most fabulous looks is to choose sets of bridesmaid jewelry which are created from bronze, copper, or pewter colored Swarovski pearls or crystals. The look is rich beyond belief, but the price is down to earth, making these stunning metallic bridesmaid jewelry sets great gift ideas. Another great way to add a metallic accent to your bridesmaids' outfits is with their shoes. The whole dyed-to-match thing where the shoes match the color of the dresses exactly is very passe. A shoe in a neutral or even a contrasting color is much more chic and less "bridesmaidy". The neat thing about a silver or gold shoe is that it works as a neutral, but has much more style than a boring beige. Pair a bridesmaid dress in a cool color like blue with silver shoes, or spice up a rich forest green dress with gold sandals. The best part is that your bridesmaids will definitely be able to wear the shoes again, unlike a pair of dyed-to-match cobalt blue pumps! The bridesmaid bouquets can also be dressed up with gorgeous metallic accents. Tie a wide copper mesh ribbon around a bouquet in autumn harvest shades. Or secure a bouquet of deep red roses with an elegant gold bow to make them even more exquisite. You can also have fun adding shimmering ornaments to the flowers themselves. Gold or silver painted leaves would look stunning as a border around an all-white bouquet. Beads in your favorite metallic can also be wired in amongst the blossoms for a unique detail. Any of these ideas would also be a fantastic idea for the bride's bouquet, as well. There are so many fun ways to introduce a dash of metallic shine to your bridesmaids' outfits. From hair combs to gauzy metallic wraps to beaded evening bags, the possibilities are nearly endless. The shimmer of metallic accessories will ensure that your attendants sparkle and glow all day long at your wedding.  

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