Learn How to Study for Anatomy and Physiology
If you are or are intending to study a health related field, you will need to learn about human anatomy and physiology. These are extremely complex subjects that can be a little overwhelming without the right approach, but since it concerns every single one of us, it's also extremely interesting. So you just need to know how to study for anatomy and physiology, in order to succeed in your studies and career.  https://www.naturalanatomyguide.com I'm a massage therapist. After I got certified as such and I started receiving clients, I realized that my knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and physiology was minimal, and often was asked questions by my clients that I was unable to answer. How embarrassing! So I decided to try to deepen my knowledge on these subjects at home, since I didn't have either time or money to register for a class. It took a little bit of effort, like the study of any subject, but after only a few months, I realized that my clients were asking me more and more questions, and more complex questions too, and that I always had an answer for them. Not that I knew everything they were asking me about, but I knew enough to help them. Around the same time, I realized I was getting busier. I started asking my new clients where they had heard from me, and they were all referral from my other clients!! Whoever works with the human body, is expected to know about anatomy and physiology. But some of us need more information, or just want to know more, than what is or was taught to us in class. So here is my experience about how to study for anatomy and physiology. First of all, anatomy is all about memorization. You need to know what is what and how it's called. So what's best to memorize than flash cards, where you have human anatomy images, associated with names, so you can see the information you need to memorize broken down and easy to assimilate. Now, you can either make these yourself (if you have a lot of time on your hands), or purchase them online or at a book store. For either of these options, you have to make sure the information on these card is complete and does not leave anything out. Physiology requires more understanding. You need to understand every system and it's function in the human body. Reading it in books will give you the information, but I find that I learn much more when someone explains things to me. Even better is if I can get the same explanation over and over again. So I would recommend you get either an online course or videos about human physiology which you would be able to play as many time as you need. Now, you need to figure out what is the best time of the day for you to study for anatomy and physiology. Studying at the same time everyday will make your sessions much more effective. Your brain will train itself to get into the study mode at that specific time of the day and after a while, it will be easier and you will get more out of each lesson. Also, to study anatomy and physiology means repetition. You will learn more out of smaller study sessions each day, than one or two big sessions each week. Repetition is the key! Finally, having different media will help you learn more. Books are great, but can be tiring. Having some visual and audio-visual products will stimulate a different part of your brain that might be tired of reading, but can still assimilate more information if delivered in an interesting manner. Getting yourself different human anatomy images, physiology lessons that you can repeat at home as many time as you need, and a set time of the day where you commit to your studies will be the key to your success, well, it was the key to mine! Good luck!!!  

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