Courier Software and Address Verification
One of the most frustrating things that can happen when someone places an order with a courier for service is that a package gets mislabeled. This is frustrating for every party that is involved in the transaction. For the courier company, this means that the package might get either delivered to the wrong address, or not delivered at all when they realize that it was addressed incorrectly. The customer on the other hand is going to get charged for labeling a package wrong, and whoever they were trying to ship to is going to be upset because they are not going to have received their package when they needed to. One of the best ways to help make sure that this doesn't happen is for a courier company to use courier dispatch software which has an address validation feature. Address validation is a feature that can be used both by customers if they are placing an order online, and also by the courier company when they place orders into their system manually. Now, all elements of business at a courier company are processed through their software in one way or another, so even if an order is called in on the telephone rather than being placed online, the information all has to be entered into the software in any case. Address verification will check the delivery address that is entered into the system against a database of valid American addresses. When an address is written down incorrectly, it will most times emerge as a conflict of some kind. Either the zip code will not line up with the street or the physical address, or the physical address won't line up with the street, or any other factor can emerge and show a conflict. This shows that there is a mistake somewhere in the address, which means all parties will look again at the address and get the correct one in place before a package is ever picked up. This is an incredibly useful feature to have in place at a courier company. Customer satisfaction will be greatly improved if they ever have a fee prevented through the use of this software feature. Another thing to keep in mind is that when using a feature like this successfully, every time it catches a mistake it has just saved the customer, the company, and possibly the client money, helping make sure that everyone has a more positive experience with the courier company. Calvin Couris is a consultant for dispatch software and cou  

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